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Study Finds Cycling to Work Can Cut Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease

Do you want to reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease by almost half and maintain a healthier lifestyle in the process? It might be easier than you think.

According to a recent study conducted at the University of Glasgow, cycling to work, as opposed to driving or taking public transportation, could lower your risk of developing cancer by about 45 percent, and decrease the risk associated with heart disease by 46 percent.

This study shows that cycling to work has some tangible benefits that can help you both now and in the future.

Study Finds Cycling to Work Can Cut Risk of Cancer, Heart DiseaseThe University of Glasgow study relied on responses provided by more than 264,000 participants who were asked how they get to work on a daily basis. Their health was closely monitored over the course of five years, and at the end of the study, researchers discovered that those who cycled to work had a 41 percent lower risk of dying early from any cause. That percentage was even higher in terms of risks associated with cancer and heart disease. Other active forms of transportation like walking also registered a reduction in the risk for cancer and heart disease, but cycling was, by far, the healthiest form of transportation for commuters.

The researchers who conducted the study hope the results will encourage more cities to promote cycling as a viable form of transportation for commuters.

As it stands, there are many cities that don’t have devoted bike lanes for commuters who want to cycle to work. There are also plenty of cities with unsafe road conditions, which can make cycling a hassle. With the results of this study in mind, the research team is optimistic that city planners will reconsider the accommodations they provide for people who cycle to work.

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