Steamboat Wharf & Straight Wharf Nantucket, MA

Plan your Next Bike Outing in Nantucket

nantucket The natural beauty of Nantucket is the perfect setting for having some fun with your friends. As a focal point of Massachusetts, Nantucket blends a relaxing atmosphere with exciting exploration. When you’re planning your next group outing, contact Nantucket Bike Shop in advance and we will get everything set for you and your crew in advance.



We can provide you with a quote for a group of any size, and since the rentals include helmets, locks, and baskets your guests won’t have to worry about bringing anything extra along for the ride (other than a camera for some memorable group shots). With advance notice, we can specifically size the correct bikes for your group, reducing the amount of wait time.

Scoot around the local area in style! Explore the region, pick out a destination spot for a pleasant picnic, and enjoy the day with your close friends. This is the perfect group activity for families, too! With three locations to start from, we can help begin your journey to virtually anywhere in Nantucket. Uncover the hidden corners of the island in a unique way.

Casually window shop as your peddle down the main street, venture out into the local area, or just enjoy the freedom of riding around town with your group! This is a great way to develop shared memories with those you care about, and always makes for a fun adventure to look back on in years to come. Contact us today to arrange your group outing in advance with Nantucket Bike Shop. Filling out our online contact form is quick and easy, but of course you can always give us a call or pop your head into one of our three locations, too.

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