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More Tips on Bike Tire Care

bike tire fixYour tires are what you and your bike depend on when the rubber meets the road. When they are in good shape you have better control, stopping power and proper function. Likewise, when they are not in good working order, you sacrifice your ability to adequately and safely control your bike.
Truing your Wheel
Your spokes are more than just for aesthetics; they actually serve a very important purpose. Spokes actually keep your rim straight and makes it a uniform, solid component. But just like any component of your bike or vehicle, your spokes need regular maintenance. That’s because your spokes actually loosen.
When your spokes loosen, they effectively separate from the wheel, sacrificing the structure rigidity. And when your wheels are no longer rigid, they distort both vertically and horizontally. Wheels are made round for a reason, but when they aren’t perfectly round they affect your steering and braking. So at the first sign of a loose or bent spoke, have your wheels trued before you pedal an inch; the life you save could be your own.
Addressing Slow Leaks
Maintaining your tire pressure is also imperative to protecting your safety. But if you’ve noticed a slow leak- even if your tire holds air for an entire day before going flat- your tire is a hazard. Always running your tires at the recommended pressure is important to your safety and of those around you. When you have a slow leak, at no point are you running at the recommended pressure.
Too little air in your tires can lead to compression cuts from bottoming out the tire on the rim. These thin slits (sometimes two parallel slits) run lengthwise along the tube. And the source of a puncture can range from a tiny piece of debris between the tube and the tire to a spoke penetrating the rim well. Putting you in better control and protecting everything on your bike from the rims to the frame, properly maintained tires are essential for protecting your safety and your investment.

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