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Fat Bikes – A Great Way to Ride in 2016

This spring and summer, get ready to ride the Nantucket Bike Shop’s fleet of Fat Bikes, perfect for spending a day off-roading and checking out the beautiful Nantucket beaches.

What’s a Fatboy you ask? Well, a Fatboy is a type of bike that gets its name from its extra-wide tires, which make it a perfect bike to ride off the trails, like along the sandy beaches! The wider tires give the bike greater traction, and allow the rider to have greater control when biking on surfaces other than pavement.

Specialized FatboyThe Specialized Fatboy, which offers riders the performance of a specialized bike with the fun of a Fatboy, combines a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver frame and fork with 4.6-inch ground control tires. The result is nimble handling in the most extreme conditions, letting riders navigate rocky paths and sandy beaches with ease.

According to a pro test reviewer, the Specialized Fatboys are responsive and spunky, which is why we have added a number of them to our ranks for the upcoming season! The Specialized Fatboy flew down hills predictably and confidently, according to the review, and handled really well in sandy turf, similar to what you’ll find on our Nantucket beaches.

These bikes are perfect for a day out on the town when you never quite know what to expect. While a number of our trails involve paved paths and roads that will lead you to your destination, a lot of our most popular trails go a bit off-road, and we find that our bike renters really like to get the lay of the land by getting away from the traffic and onto the trails. Plus, what better way is there to check out the gorgeous Nantucket beaches than by bike?

Check out our rentals page for more information on bike rentals, and contact us today to make your reservation for the spring!

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