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Advantages of Disc Over Rim Breaks

Disc BrakesThe antiquated technology of the rim breaks you used to have on your ten-speed as a kid are a thing of the past. From mountain bikers to road racers to casual weekend bicyclists, bikers all over the country have been opting to install disc rather than rim breaks for years at this point. But what is it that makes them so much better, exactly?

The main reason rim pads are increasingly phased out has to do with stopping power. Disk brakes allow you to stop on a dime, especially when compared to rim brakes. Disk brakes can also be fitted to both sides of a wheel for increased halting and heat dissipation. In addition to the stopping power on dry pavement, disc brakes also allow for much less interference from the environment.

For starters, because the disc brake caliper is further from the tire in the center of the rim, the performance is less affected by mud and water when off-roading or in the event you’re caught in the rain. As a further measure of protection from the elements, disc brakes can even be made partly or fully enclosed. In addition to eliminating interference from the conditions, this placement ultimately prevents the rotor from hitting ground obstacles.

Disc brakes are also less susceptible to environmental factors thanks to the increased pressure between the brake pad and rotor compared to rim brakes. This has most to do with pads being made of harder material, but also the clasping action, with a smaller clearance between pads and rotor– bikers find much more effective than the rubbing implemented with rim brakes.

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